Counselling for Organisations

Counselling Services are available around the country at places near to employees.  We are happy to cover you wherever you are within reasonable distance to local counsellors.  In some remote areas we may ask your employees to travel a short distance to our offices to enable the local counsellor/therapist to carry out the appointed sessions in a viable and economic way. 


Organisational Trauma Intervention is Tailored to Your Needs 

Our Trauma Care Team(TCT) which is an International Therapy Support Service organisation that can provide interventions that are designed to meet to your specific organisational needs.

This may involve site visits to meet the  workforce, staff individually and in groups, short term face to face Counselling, specific trauma treatment such as EMDR or trauma focused CBT, telephone support and psycho-education.


The need for organisational, group team or individual trauma support sessions may come shortly after the incident. An initial management or team group intervention to provide essential information and assist defuse strong feelings or reactions may suffice in the short term.

A telephone response line may be needed for a period after the event to ensure everyone can access information and be directed towards the help they need.

Groups can be very effective, however they need to be run well and usually by external practitioners. Entry to the group is voluntary and confidential save in exceptional circumstances. At rare times e.g. In safety sensitive positions where a staff member is resistant to being seen it may be necessary to insist a team member is assessed by one of our practitioners.

Trauma Brochure available to download...